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Tradeshow & Exhibit - Workstations

Tradeshow and Exhibits

Tradeshow & Exhibit - Workstations

Workstations add dimension to your display, provide storage and promote technology.  They also offer interactive applications to enhance communication, and provide you with a presentation tool for your products and services.  Kiosks and workstations come in several models, styles, finishes and configurations.

Workstations are available in an infinite number of styles, and setups, with displays, graphics, and lockable cabinets


This workstation is perfect for presentations and interactive displays. Brochure holders add an extra level of sophistication.

Lobby kiosks are a versatile solution for displaying or demonstrating products. These displays work great in non-tradeshow environments such as hotels, lobbys, and arenas.

Workstations can be mounted with monitors, brochure holders, and countertops 

Enclosed advertisement kiosks are a terrific multi-purpose workstation perfect for a variety of media needs.

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