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Progress Printing Plus

A crucial component of brand identity, and an element analyzed in a 360° Communication Strategy, is the evaluation and relevancy of a company’s logo. At Progress, its logo had been modified five times over the past fifty years and occasionally misused—both internally and externally. Pickering’s goal was to take elements of the company’s logo and embrace its past, but catapult the image into the future. As a company with millions invested in technology, a tenured staff with tremendous technical skill, and an impressive clientele, Pickering felt strongly that a new look was imperative for its future evolution.

Stringent graphic standards were eventually developed and a color pallet was selected to make a bold visual presence while showcasing the quality of its printing capabilities. Hand-drawn, artistic elements were utilized in developing a new Progress “P” to provide exclusivity, and the image was then digitally converted to represent its technology-driven industry.

Each printed component of its current marketing collateral was updated, then rebranded and designed. The “plus” became a key concept to highlight in the unveiling of the new look of Progress Printing Plus. In one bold statement, a core value of the Progress executive team is recognized and the plus is clarified. “Quality in everything you see, plus in everything you don’t see.”

Identity Kit

The new logo and identity translated seamlessly into new business cards, envelope, and letterhead designs. Employing a double-sided letterhead added a nice touch to the identity kit.

Marketing Kit

Having a strong marketing kit is imperative for print companies looking to expand and maintain strong client relations. New branding was incorporated into the sleak design along with a vibrant color pallete. 



Corporate Brochure

An engaging corporate brochure was designed featuring information regarding the company along with quotes related to the print industry.



Direct Mail

Believing direct mail can do things for a marketer that no other medium can, Progress Printing Plus sees the results in a strong direct mail campaign. Incorporating a QR code and strong messaging, the postcard is a great extension of the newly established brand.

Information Sheets

Four color-coded cards were created to provide current and potential customers information regarding the added value of working with Progress Printing Plus. Using colors consistent with the logo mark refresh and the marketing kit, the cards add another layer of cohesion to the overall marketing collateral.

Experience Print — Progress Printing Plus unveils 2012 Calendar

Progress Printing Plus has dedicated years to serving the print community with quality products. Solid preparation, speed, expertise, quality, collaboration, commitment, and results are terms relating to what drives the mission of Progress Printing—“plus” the services and capabilities that drive the company forward.

“So why print? The idea from this campaign is simply based on the readers’ experience and how print is a part of their daily lives,” states graphic designer, Jonathan Pierce. “By defining 12 core industries of Progress Printing Plus' clients, we were able to make a relation between the print buyers and the people who read these publications/catalogs. As a whole, people would rather sit on their couch and view a catalog of interior decorations than sift by the hour online. Our goal was to take that premise and remind print buyers of the importance of this connection.”

The calendar features the tagline “Experience Print,” which simply yet elegantly narrates the entire theme. Each spread features hands holding a printed picture in front of the actual scene, creating a clever juxtaposition and an intriguing storyline. Additionally, a Soft Touch aqueous coating was used with a Spot Gloss UV on the "catalog" design component of each spread. This campaign was spearheaded by the 2012 calendar, followed by monthly postcards, print ads, and outdoor placement.

Custom Branded Pens

Custom Printed Coffee Sleeves

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