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Nebraska Association of School Boards - NASB

Marketing Strategy

Nebraska Association of School Boards - NASB

With a desire to strengthen public education for all Nebraska Children, NASB focused on updating its identity to reflect the growing changes in education and school board governance. Considering previous designs along with the desire to retain the state outline and a symbolic focus on board governance, Pickering designed a clean updated logo to serve as the foundation of the NASB identity kit. With this new logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and pocket folders were developed. This new aesthetic appeals to the diversity of ages within the organization while remaining true to the history and purpose of NASB.

Identity Kit

Pickering designed an identiy kit with the newly established branding. The kit included business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.


Pocket Folder

In addition to the identity kit, a pocket folder was designed to dually function for organization and promotional purposes. The folder lists every school board on the cover and utilizes a non-traditional pocket layout to maximize storage.

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