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About Pickering Creative

Where Strategy & Creativity Ignite

Pickering Creative Group is a marketing communications firm providing client-focused solutions in the areas of marketing, graphic design, website development, and tradeshow exhibits.

Strategy and creativity have long led the way to success in science, art, business, and industry. Today, these two fundamental elements are the guiding principles of all we do at Pickering Creative Group.

At Pickering Creative Group, our research, analysis, and expertise result in sound marketing and communication strategies that become the foundation for your success. These strategies are realized in our work, infused with engaging creativity that breaks through the clutter, captures attention, and motivates action.

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Aug 28, 2014 — Pickering Creative Group Celebrates 35 Years

As Pickering Creative Group celebrates 35 years of business, we’d like to personally thank all of our clients, partners, and employees who have helped make Pickering what it is today.In the summer of 1979, Gary... Read More

Aug 15, 2014 — Lund-Ross Constructors New Website

Pickering Creative Group is proud to announce a new website designed and developed for Lund-Ross Constructors at www.lundross.com. Based in Omaha, Neb., Lund-Ross Constructors is an award-winning general contra... Read More

Jul 14, 2014 — Pickering Creative Group Moves to New (Permanent) Location

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce our new home at 8600 Executive Woods Dr., Suite 300.After 4 months and 11 days of suspense, and frequent visits to snoop, our agency is ecstatic to stretch out in... Read More

Jul 2, 2014 — Atrinea Health Launches New Website

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website designed and developed for Atrinea Health, located at www.atrineahealth.com. With 14 locations in New Mexico and Arizona, Atrinea Heal... Read More

Jun 24, 2014 — Pickering Welcomes Jacque Pomajzl

Jacque Pomajzl is the newest senior marketing consultant, joining the team in June 2014.With 20 years in the field, she is helping clients with the development and implementation of strategic marketing and comm... Read More

Jun 3, 2014 — Amigos/Kings Classic Launches New Website

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website designed and developed for Amigos/Kings Classic located at www.amigoskings.com. Since 1980, the restaurant has been serving great-tast... Read More

May 23, 2014 — Pickering Creative Group Welcomes Sadie Swanson

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the addition of Sadie Swanson as a Marketing Consultant. Swanson will be responsible for working with Pickering clients on a variety of marketing initiatives incl... Read More

Apr 30, 2014 — Peg Olson is Retiring: Thank you Peg for 22 years of Service!

Administrative Assistant extraordinaire Peg Olson is retiring on April 30! We’d personally like to thank Peg for her 22 years of service helping to make Pickering Creative Group what it is today. Clients are al... Read More

Apr 29, 2014 — Pickering Creative Group Sponsors Greater Nebraska Exhibition at the Lux Center for the Arts

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Lux Center for the Arts and the Greater Nebraska Exhibition, May 2 – June 28. Greater Nebraska showcases 12 contemporary artists that resid... Read More

Apr 22, 2014 — What Can Website Automation Do For You?

Your website is working hard to promote your business, product, or organization. If it’s working well, it’s attracting new visitors and enticing regular visits from current and potential customers. But what if ... Read More

Apr 21, 2014 — Electronic Contracting Company Launches New Website

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of the new website designed and developed for the Electronic Contracting Company, located at www.eccoinc.com. Established in 1978, the Electronic Contr... Read More

Mar 31, 2014 — Exciting Change for the Pickering Creative Group Tradeshow Department

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce a change in the tradeshow department. Starting April 1, Pickering Creative Group will be partnering with Cornerstone Print & Marketing for tradeshow managemen... Read More

Mar 28, 2014 — Pickering Sponsoring Running Down GBS 5K Run

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce a Gold-level Sponsorship for Running Down GBS, a 5K run taking place on Saturday, April 5, at Holmes Lake. Running Down GBS raises money for a GBS Fund through a ... Read More

Feb 27, 2014 — Pickering Creative Group Moves to New Location.

After 11 amazing years at our current location, we’ve packed our bags and headed east! (about 6 blocks). Pickering Creative Group has relocated to a shiny new space in the Executive Woods business complex in th... Read More

Feb 7, 2014 — The YMCA of Lincoln Launches New Website

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of the new website designed and developed for the YMCA of Lincoln, NE, located at www.ymcalincoln.org/. The YMCA is one of Lincoln’s leading non-profit... Read More

Nov 25, 2013 — Midland University Microsites Reach Target Markets

Pickering Creative Group has been working with Midland University on a number of microsites designed to reach more specific demographics. A system was built which allows for the creation of landing pages for ta... Read More

Nov 22, 2013 — Curing Your Powerpoint Blues.

A strong visual presence can take your presentation from forgettable to inspiring. The industry standard for presentations is Powerpoint and for good reason, it’s easy to use and does an adequate job presenting... Read More

Nov 14, 2013 — Tradeshow Planning for 2014

Tradeshow success is tied to strong planning and flawless execution. Here are some tips to ensure you are getting the most for your tradeshow investment:12 months in advance: Determine how tradeshows will suppo... Read More

Aug 15, 2013 — What to STOP DOING on Social Media

Social media seems like a cost-effective way to market your business.  After all, it doesn’t cost anything to create a Facebook page, a Twitter Account, or a YouTube Channel.  However, free doesn’t al... Read More

Aug 6, 2013 — How to Avoid Hidden Trade Show Costs

(Content courtesy of Nimlok, Pickering Creative Group is a Nimlok distributor)Planning your trade show budget and accompanying expenditures is a crucial part of making sure that you come in at cost. A workable ... Read More

Aug 2, 2013 — Pickering Creative featured in Lincoln Business Journal

If you subscribe to the Lincoln Business Journal, you'll notice a set of familiar faces on the cover this month!  Trent Wilcox, president, and Matt O'Gorman, vice president, were recently interviewed by th... Read More

Jul 15, 2013 — Will Hays joins Pickering as Senior Marketing Consultant

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the addition of Will Hays as a senior marketing consultant.Hays will be responsible for the research, analysis, and planning required to develop comprehensive mar... Read More

Jul 14, 2013 — Are You Missing This in Your Marketing Plan?

Every day brings a new marketing channel to consider.  Powerful new tools are created and released every hour.  From online advertising to direct mail, traditional to social, you can find a million wa... Read More

Jun 24, 2013 — Prairie® Pet Food Launches Intuitive New Website

The holistic and natural pet food manufacturer, Nature’s Variety released a new website for its Prairie® recipes in an easy-to-use, visitor-friendly layout. To handle the development of the new website, www.Pra... Read More

Jun 18, 2013 — How to read Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is a marketer’s dream. Never before have we had access to such real-time data that allows us to make decisions regarding the sales and marketing of our companies.What is Google Analytics?Googl... Read More

Jun 17, 2013 — Matt O'Gorman Promoted to Vice President

Matt O'Gorman was recently promoted to vice president of Pickering Creative Group. O'Gorman joined Pickering Creative Group as account director in January 2009, and was promoted to senior marketing consultant s... Read More

Jun 12, 2013 — Hexagon Lincoln's New Exhibit

Traveling to out-of-state trade shows, Hexagon Lincoln needed a display that was lightweight and easy to transport. This 10 x 10 unit ships in two wheeled cases and can be customized to meet the company's spec... Read More

May 14, 2013 — Pickering Recognized with Awards for Nonprofit Marketing

The Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association recently recognized the best marketing work in the Lincoln and mid-Nebraska area. Members of the Pickering Creative Group team attended the daytime awa... Read More

May 13, 2013 — Bidsketch: Pickering's review of a proposal creation tool

The Pickering team has been analyzing a variety of internal processes, including sales and marketing, to see how we might increase efficiency, consistency and effectiveness of our actions. From a new project m... Read More

May 9, 2013 — Lied Center Website Wins Silver Communicator Award

Pickering Creative Group has been recognized with a Silver Communicator Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts. The Lied Center website, designed and developed by Pickering Creative Group, was the... Read More

May 6, 2013 — Increase SEO in 60 minutes or less

At a recent workshop, our team was talking with a group of nonprofit marketers about website design, SEO, and other online marketing strategies. While the group was excited to learn more about online marketing,... Read More

Apr 27, 2013 — Upcoming Workshop - Medical Marketing: How to get, keep and grow your client base

DetailsFriday, May 173:00 to 4:00 p.m.Pickering Creative Group, 8001 S 13th StDescription:In a recent study of consumer behavior, more than 75% of the population turns to the Internet when making choices about ... Read More

Apr 24, 2013 — The Administrative Professional Who Keeps Us On Our Toes!

Is there someone in your office that makes the rest of your job seem easy?  At Pickering Creative Group, that person is Peg Olson.  And though we have one day set aside as “Adminsitrative Professi... Read More

Apr 15, 2013 — NHM Spring Conference - Online Marketing Strategies with Matt O'Gorman

Pickering has been invited to presented at the spring conference for the Nebraska Healthcare Marketers, the premier state society promoting skill development along with offering educational and networking ... Read More

Mar 26, 2013 — Marketing through problem-solving

Thomas Levitt, famous marketing professor and former editor of the Harvard Business Review, noted an interesting discovery:  “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill.  They want a quarter-in... Read More

Mar 25, 2013 — Upcoming Event, Friday, April 5: "Making Your Website Google Friendly"

Pickering Creative Group has been invited to present to the Lincoln American Marketing Association's nonprofit special interest group (called Java Talk - marketing talk over coffee, clever!).Trent Wilcox, presi... Read More

Mar 1, 2013 — Five Ways Social Media Impact Marketing

Pickering Creative Group was pleased to present the marketing portion of REAMS annual conference held March 1, 2013 in Omaha, NE.  During this 50-minute presentation, the Pickering team shared a variety of... Read More

Feb 28, 2013 — 5 Thought Starters for Social Media

It’s happened to all of us. You sign up for a social network, start salivating over all the untapped potential to connect with customers online, and then you realize . . . this is going to take a lot of time an... Read More

Feb 27, 2013 — Effective Sales Materials: 3 Questions to Consider

You’re in the middle of a sales meeting and a potential customer asks, “Do you have more information about that?” Enter sales and marketing materials. Whether you’re a new company or an established business, ... Read More

Feb 27, 2013 — Does your display fit a variety of spaces?

Have you ever considered building your tradeshow display out of Legos?Ok. It may sound crazy. But read on. If your entire tradeshow display were built using Legos, you’d be able to scale it up or down dependin... Read More

Feb 12, 2013 — Pickering to present LIBA marketing seminar

Join Pickering Creative Group and the Lincoln Independent Business Association for a 2 ½ hour session designed to help small business owners better understand how to market their business online. This seminar... Read More

Jan 23, 2013 — How bad data can impact your email marketing

Using an email program such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact can be a great way to connect with potential customers and engage current clients. However, effective email marketing requires strategy, planning an... Read More

Jan 23, 2013 — Your new year's font resolution

Purchase a new version of Microsoft Office and you’ll soon be introduced to more than 163 fonts to style your letters, flyers, memos, and other written pieces (for a look at all of the fonts installed on MS Off... Read More

Jan 23, 2013 — Getting the maximum return from your website

Designing a new website can be a fun and challenging endeavor. Perhaps you already know the type of content and visuals for your site and how customers desire to navigate through the information. Nevertheless... Read More

Jan 23, 2013 — Signs your tradeshow display needs to be replaced

There comes a day when you’re prepping for an upcoming tradeshow or event and you get your display out of storage only to discover that it’s falling apart. Time for a new display!Marketing your business throug... Read More

Nov 29, 2012 — Calendars are a great gift!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your brand in front of existing and potential clients, then you should consider giving away a calendar. You’ll literally have 365 opportunities (366 if you’re lucky) to remin... Read More

Nov 28, 2012 — Countdown to Tradeshow!

Tradeshow success is tied to strong planning and flawless execution. Here are some tips to maximize your tradeshow investment. For more tips and examples, visit www.pickeringcreative.com.BEFORE THE SHOWDetermin... Read More

Nov 27, 2012 — Five steps to planning your marketing for 2013

This year is almost over! Apocalypse or not, you should have a plan in place for next year’s marketing goals and how you will achieve them. If you haven’t started planning yet, don’t fret! We have outlined five... Read More

Nov 22, 2012 — Google Calendar keeps you in the know

Event listings are an effective way to remain relevant and keep your visitors informed. Often, our clients are looking for a functional, streamlined approach to adding, removing, and sharing calendar updates on... Read More

Nov 2, 2012 — Coming soon -- A new and improved LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn recently announced a new and improved profile coming soon to their social network. The “next generation LinkedIn Profile” as they’re calling it, will be availablein the next couple of months. Acco... Read More

Oct 11, 2012 — Have Fun With Your Brand!

Four Ways to Spice Up Your Brand!Whether it is your business or personal brand, showcasing some personality grabs attention, engages audiences, and starts a conversation. Consider Google’s Doodles, this has bec... Read More

Oct 7, 2012 — New Welcome Packet for NHO

A Welcome Packet is a great way for businesses and organizations to provide a concise marketing piece for new and prospective clients. Often times, these take-home pieces can create a memorable impression after... Read More

Sep 25, 2012 — Face-to-face Still Pays

With today’s leaner budgets, some companies are putting their trade show efforts on hold. But before you pack away your exhibits, make sure you understand what you are giving up.Trade shows provide a unique opp... Read More

Sep 19, 2012 — Marketing your Start-Up

Lincoln was abuzz this month with the first ever Lincoln Start-Up Weekend. Entrepreneurs gathered together to pitch new ideas and network. It’s so great that Lincoln is bustling with this newfound energy fueled... Read More

Sep 6, 2012 — Humorous Direct Mail for IIAN

Humor when used correctly can be a great way to grab attention and create a memorable experience. Pickering recently took a humorous light-hearted approach when concepting a postcard mailing campaign for Indepe... Read More

Aug 16, 2012 — Backlit display is a bright option

Standing out at a tradeshow is not an easy task. The number and size of competing booths means that you must have instant impact to attract visitors and potential leads. One option that can help set your exhibi... Read More

Aug 7, 2012 — Your PR Checklist

Public relations is tricky. So many variables can affect what is picked up, and what isn’t. How much of the story is included, or where it is published. We’ve compiled our top-ten list to best position you to g... Read More

Jul 28, 2012 — Pickering wraps up new project with Judson Irrigation

Pickering recently worked with Judson Irrigation to create a vinyl car wrap design for the company’s new Chevy Volt. Judson Irrigation has been designing, installing, and servicing quality underground lawn spri... Read More

Jul 17, 2012 — Reaching Tradeshow/Exhibit Goals with Social Media

We are experiencing the most significant shift of our time. This shift has altered how we communicate, how we process and gather information, and how we market our business. The impact social media has made on ... Read More

Jul 11, 2012 — Understanding Your Web Audience

Web viewers all have similar habits. Behaviors range from skimming the page and moving in a nonlinear direction, to being impatient and having a short attention span. Let’s face it. When you go to a website, yo... Read More


The Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) has new leadership as of July 1. Ali Schwanke, senior marketing consultant with Pickering Creative Group, assumed the role after four years of pro... Read More

Jun 28, 2012 — Determining Your Brand’s Online Persona

Each day the line of brand ownership becomes a little more blurred. It used to be that each company or brand could manage its image and reputation in the marketplace. Now, the community that interacts with and ... Read More

Jun 20, 2012 — Four Steps to Great Graphic Design

Several misconceptions are out there about graphic designers—that they just throw stuff together to look pretty, or they design what they want instead of what’s best for the client. However, if that was the cas... Read More

Jun 15, 2012 — Pickering Announces MBA Website for Midland University

Pickering Creative Group has designed and developed a website for Midland University’s new MBA program. The responsive design website – www.MBA.MidlandU.edu – provides Midland an online resource for student rec... Read More

Jun 7, 2012 — Pickering Unveils New Brand for Mary Lanning Healthcare

Mary Lanning Healthcare, formerly Mary Lanning Memorial HealthCare, recently partnered with Pickering Creative Group for a complete rebrand of the organization. The rebranding efforts began with a comprehensive... Read More

Jun 5, 2012 — Facebook adds Features for Your Brand Page

Shortly after Facebook went public, it introduced two new features for Facebook Pages. To assist in page management, Facebook page administrators now have the ability to:Schedule postings in advanceDesignate le... Read More

Jun 4, 2012 — Say Hello to Google+ Local

Google continues to make improvements, altering the social media landscape yet again. A year from the “invitation-only” launch of Google+, its social networking arm of the search engine, Google has now transiti... Read More

May 18, 2012 — Commitment is the New Consistency

If you’ve had a conversation with a member of our marketing team, undoubtedly the word “consistent” was mentioned. In fact, at Pickering, we’re pretty consistent with our love for consistency.“Brand consistency... Read More

May 17, 2012 — Pickering Launches WideRange Broadband Site

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of WideRange Broadband’s new Drupal website – www.WideRangeBroadband.net. The Lincoln-based business is powered by one of the world’s largest fiber-opt... Read More

May 10, 2012 — Pickering Recognized at Marketing Competition

Pickering Creative Group is proud to announce it is the recipient of three awards from the Lincoln American Marketing Association 9th Annual PRISM Awards. The PRISM awards were in recognition of the work Picker... Read More

May 3, 2012 — Pickering Enters the World of Fashion

Pickering recently teamed up with the University of Nebraska’s Textile and Design College to create the backdrops for the biennial Senior Fashion Show. The full-fledged fashion runway show was staged April 20 a... Read More

Apr 26, 2012 — Pickering Launches New Lied Center Site

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Lied Center for Performing Arts new responsive design website, www.LiedCenter.org. Developed in Drupal, the new design reflects the quality, ver... Read More

Apr 13, 2012 — Set Your Customers on Fire (not literally!)

In the age of social media and constant promotion, people are asking for “likes” on their facebook pages as well as referrals to their business. Having recently joined the team at Pickering Creative Group, I th... Read More

Mar 30, 2012 — Pickering Welcomes Ali Schwanke

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the addition of Ali Schwanke as a senior marketing consultant.In her role, Schwanke will be responsible for research, analysis, and planning required to execute c... Read More

Mar 29, 2012 — If Your Company is on Facebook

If your company is on Facebook, tomorrow should be a big day for you — every business Facebook page, whether it’s filled with content or completely bare, will automatically switch to the new Facebook Timeline. ... Read More

Mar 21, 2012 — HTI Plastics and Geist Plastics Unveil New Exhibits

Lincoln-based HTI Plastics and Geist Plastics hired the Pickering team to design new tradeshow exhibits for each company. As industry leaders in injection-molded plastics and custom plastic profile extrusions, ... Read More

Mar 14, 2012 — New Ad Series for Lynchburg Dental Center

Lynchburg Dental Center (LDC), a 37-year-old practice, continues to realize greater profits with new ownership and a freshly developed visual presence. “We continue advancing in technology and educati... Read More

Feb 22, 2012 — Tradeshow Design Guidelines

When it comes to tradeshow design, the possibilities are literally endless. With so many different tradeshow options from banners to large islands and everything in between, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when it ... Read More

Feb 17, 2012 — Defining and Achieving Your Marketing Goals

As a key component of your business, it is vital for all marketing efforts to distinguish who you are, what you do, and where you are going as an organization. Having a solid plan is the foundation to creating ... Read More

Jan 23, 2012 — Wilcox Promoted to Lincoln President

Pickering Creative Group is proud to announce the promotion of Trent Wilcox to president of the Lincoln office. Previously serving as vice president, Wilcox has been a part of the Pickering team for nearly five... Read More

Jan 16, 2012 — Keiser Promoted to Director of Web Technology

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce that Michael Keiser has been promoted to Director of Web Technology. Keiser has been with Pickering since 2010, and was formerly a web developer.In his new positi... Read More

Jan 11, 2012 — Web App vs. Native App

We are all aware of the ever-evolving technical landscape. It began with the Internet, and now things are changing faster than you can type a URL. Understanding how to effectively communicate your organization’... Read More

Jan 9, 2012 — Experience Print — Progress Printing Plus unveils 2012 Calendar

Progress Printing Plus, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, has dedicated years to serving the print community with quality products. Solid preparation, speed, expertise, quality, collaboration, commitment, and res... Read More

Jan 5, 2012 — Pickering Rebrands Progress Printing Plus

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of Progress Printing Plus’ new identity and website—www.ProgressPrintPlus.com—developed in tandem with the organization’s 50th anniversary milestone. T... Read More

Jan 5, 2012 — Performance Aircraft's New Website Takes Off

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce Performance Aircraft’s new website—www.FlyPerformance.com. The Lincoln-based organization is an all-encompassing flight center with professional flight training a... Read More

Oct 26, 2011 — Logo Refresh Before and After

We have a lot of catchphrases here at Pickering Creative Group. One that we use both internally and with clients is, keeping things “fresh and relevant.” What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like… the de... Read More

Oct 6, 2011 — Zinsser Plastic Surgery Goes Live

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the website launch for Zinsser Plastic Surgery in Richmond, Virginia. Developed in Drupal CMS, the newly designed website — www.ZinsserPlasticSurgery.com — provid... Read More

Sep 26, 2011 — Crete Carrier Jobs Goes Mobile

Crete Carrier Corporation, one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country, is proud to announce the launch of its new mobile-optimized driver recruitment websites. Grab the nearest smartph... Read More

Sep 19, 2011 — Pickering Launches Tiny Hands International

Pickering is pleased to announce the launch of the Tiny Hands International website - www.TinyHandsInternational.org. Tiny Hands is a Lincoln-based, Christian non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the... Read More

Sep 8, 2011 — New Identity for Lexington Regional

Lexington Regional Health Center, formerly Tri-County Hospital, has launched its new website — www.LexingtonRegional.org. Designed and developed by Pickering Creative Group, the website is a direct extension of... Read More

Aug 2, 2011 — Lincoln AMA Selects Scott Claypool

The Lincoln, Nebraska, chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) has elected Pickering’s own, Scott Claypool, art director, to join the organization’s board of directors. Serving as the Prisms Vice Pr... Read More

Jul 18, 2011 — Gregg Electric Company's New Identity Showcased on New Website

Gregg Electric Co., Lincoln’s full service electrical contractor since 1911, is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a revitalized look and website. Located at www.greggelectric.net, the new site is developed... Read More

Jul 18, 2011 — United Farmers Cooperative Goes Live

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of United Farmers Cooperative’s newly designed and developed website found at www.UFCoop.com. The site, developed with the Drupal content management sy... Read More

Jul 15, 2011 — Cromwell Communications' New Site Goes Live

Cromwell Communications, a leading provider of video-based staff education for hospitals and long-term care/assisted living centers, has a newly designed and developed website created by Pickering Creative Grou... Read More

Jul 12, 2011 — New Website for J.E. Jamerson and Sons

Virginia based J.E. Jamerson and Sons launched a new website — www.jejamerson.com — designed and developed by Pickering Creative Group. J.E. Jamerson and Sons, established in 1946, continues to build a reputati... Read More

Jul 1, 2011 — Lynchburg Dental Center Gets New Online Identity

Lynchburg Dental Center’s new website — www.lynchburgdentist.com — developed in Drupal by Pickering Creative Group, is an informative website that provides current and prospective patients with valuable informa... Read More

Jun 30, 2011 — Pickering Launches Sampson Construction Site

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of Sampson Construction’s newly developed website. Sampson Construction, a leader in the commercial construction industry for the past 59 years, partne... Read More

Jun 30, 2011 — Pickering Develops College of Hair Design Mobile

Turn your cell phone on, Pickering Creative group just launched a new mobile site for the College of Hair Design. Visitors to the site – www.CollegeofHairDesign.com – will find useful information about the coll... Read More

Jun 29, 2011 — Pickering Launches Nature's Variety Mobile Site

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile website for Nature’s Variety. The natural pet food company located in Lincoln, Nebraska, wanted to build upon the accessibility of www.... Read More

Jun 15, 2011 — Central Virginia Orthodontics Launches Website

Central Virginia Orthodontics (CVO) based in Lynchburg, Virginia, launched their new website — www.bracesbycvo.com — which provides visitors with valuable information pertaining to the practice, orthodontics, a... Read More

Jun 11, 2011 — Pickering Launches Gering CVB Website

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Gering Convention & Visitor’s Bureau of Gering, Nebraska. The informational site – www.VisitGering.com – positions the area as... Read More

May 26, 2011 — Pickering Welcomes Nick Lange

Pickering Creative Group is proud to welcome Nick Lange, graphic designer, to the design team. Lange holds a bachelor degree in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and received his associates of app... Read More

May 10, 2011 — Pickering Launches Social Media Campaign for Amigo’s & Kings Classic

Pickering Creative Group is proud to announce the launch of the Amigo’s & Kings Classic Facebook campaign. The business fan page — www.facebook.com/AmigosKings –– was launched in conjunction with a marketin... Read More

May 3, 2011 — Pickering Launches New Website for Shotkoski & Associates

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Shotkoski & Associates PC. The informational site ­– www.shotcpa.com ­– utilizes the Drupal content management system ... Read More

Apr 7, 2011 — Wilcox named Marketer of the Month by Lincoln AMA

The Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association recently named Trent Wilcox, Vice President of Pickering Creative Group, Marketer of the Month. The recognition is given to Lincoln AMA members who have... Read More

Apr 6, 2011 — Pickering Welcomes Kelli Johns

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the addition of Kelli Johns as Marketing Consultant. Johns will work with Pickering’s Marketing Services team in integrating strategy through all marketing, web d... Read More

Apr 2, 2011 — Wilcox featured in American Advertising Federation website

Pickering Creative Group vice president, Trent Wilcox, was recently featured in American Advertising Federation’s new member spotlight. In the interview, Wilcox talks about his interests in advertising, what ta... Read More

Apr 1, 2011 — Pickering launches website for Brownstone Properties, Inc.

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Brownstone Properties, Inc., located at www.BrownstoneProperties.com. Founded in 1998, Brownstone is Lynchburg, Virginia’s premie... Read More

Mar 28, 2011 — Pickering Launches Ironman Auction Website

Pickering Creative Group is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Ironman Auction. The e-commerce website developed in Drupal CMS—www.ironmanauction.com—allows visitors the opportunity to bid online... Read More

Feb 11, 2011 — Pickering Launches New Site

Pickering Creative Group is proud to announce the launch of its new website at PickeringCreative.com developed with Drupal content management system (CMS). The new site focuses on creating an interactive user e... Read More

Jan 11, 2011 — Pickering Launches Site for NCBB

Pickering Creative Group has designed and developed the new website for the Nebraska Community Blood Bank. Formed in 1968, the Blood Bank is a community based organization that collects, stores, and distribut... Read More

Nov 10, 2010 — NCBB chooses Pickering

Nebraska Community Blood Bank has selected Pickering Creative Group to lead the design and development of their new website. Located in Lincoln, the Blood Bank was formed in 1968 as a community-based organizati... Read More

Oct 11, 2010 — Pickering to Participate in B2B Show

Pickering Creative Group will be participating in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce B2B Tradeshow on October 19, 2010 at Pershing Center. The Pickering team will be there to talk about marketing, great design, ec... Read More

Oct 8, 2010 — Michael Keiser Joins Web Team

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to welcome Michael Keiser as the newest member of its web development team. A graduate of Southeast Community College, Michael has more than five years of web development exp... Read More

Sep 24, 2010 — Midland U Launches New Website

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new website designed and developed for Midland University, located at www.MidlandU.edu . The website is one of the primary components in Midland’s... Read More

Sep 17, 2010 — Kasey Matoush Joins Pickering Team

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to welcome Kasey Matoush as Business Development Manager. With more than eleven years of business development experience, he brings tremendous experience and expertise to ... Read More

Sep 13, 2010 — Wilcox Promoted to Vice President

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce that Trent Wilcox has been promoted to Vice President. Trent has been with Pickering for three years, and was formerly Director of Creative Services. In this new ... Read More

Sep 1, 2010 — Pickering Walks to Benefit Alzheimer's

Today more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. In addition, 78 million baby boomers are approaching the age of greatest risk for developing this fatal disease. Now is the time to act to end th... Read More

Aug 13, 2010 — New Website for Leadership Resources

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of the redeveloped website for Leadership Resources, located online at www.LRsuccess.com. Lincoln-based Leadership Resources offers professional develo... Read More

Aug 4, 2010 — Pickering Continues CVO Partnership

Pickering Creative Group is proud to continue its partnership with Central Virginia Orthodontics (CVO) as they open their newest location on Timberlake Road in Lynchburg, Virginia. Pickering worked closely with... Read More

Jun 22, 2010 — Nature's Variety Launches New Site

Pickering Creative Group is pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website for Nature's Variety, located online at www.naturesvariety.com. Nature's Variety is an all-natural pet food manufacturer ... Read More